the main facade of the Mexichem headquarters with a graphic of the revenue growth from 2006 to 2015

Leveraging the Corporate Brand

Establishing a robust brand platform to support sustained revenue and profit growth


Established in 1998 as the result of a merger, Mexichem’s business was focused on the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Driven by its vertical integration business strategy, Mexichem acquired Grupo Amanco, Brazil’s second largest pipes and fittings manufacturer. The first of many, this acquisition doubled the size of the company and expanded its business beyond the volatile commodities sector to become a manufacturer of value-added finished products. By 2009, the company was a $2.3 billion powerhouse with a significant presence across Latin America and was named one of the 100 companies to watch at World Economic Forum.

In 2009, MBLM was selected to evolve Mexichem’s corporate identity in order to reflect its expansion into new business sectors and geographies. Working closely with senior management, MBLM articulated a powerful core essence that included a revised vision, mission and values and created the foundational message “Formulating solutions. Multiplying possibilities”. MBLM also designed a new corporate identity to communicate the inspiring qualities of determination, integration and transformation, and evolved the brand architecture to establish clarify sectors of activity and the role of the acquired brands. The new corporate identity was articulated through a comprehensive internal communications program that facilitated the alignment of diverse company cultures.

By 2015, Mexichem had become a truly global company with annual sales in excess of $5.7 billion with commercial activities in 45 countries. The accelerated growth – and in particular the acquisitions of Wavin in Europe and DuraLine in the US – presented the urgent need to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of the corporate brand.

MBLM worked closely with Mexichem’s executive management and business unit leaders to establishing a new narrative that would communicate the expanded scope and reach of the company to internal and external stakeholders.

MBLM’s work included an update to the visual identity system in support the new corporate nomenclature and branding policies and evolve the brand architecture to leverage the clout and good will associated with its powerful commercial brands.

MBLM also designed a new, responsive corporate website showcases the evolution of its business model and global footprint. The site features the business unit structure, key markets served, trademarks and product categories within the vertically integrated offer, as well as case studies and Mexichem’s many accomplishments as a transnational company.

To support and centralize Mexichem’s evolving brand, MBLM deployed BrandOS its proprietary digital content management platform that centralizes communications and marketing assets for Mexichem leaders around the world, ensuring that a clear and consistent global brand message and application are achieved.


For over 7 years, MBLM’s involvement has contributed to Mexichem’s sustained growth through the development of a structured and globally aligned corporate brand platform.

The corporate and commercial alignment and the policies that facilitate management of the corporate brand, the commercial brands and the multiple trademarks that make up its portfolio has enabled Mexichem to build its reputation as a global leader. As proof, America Economía, the respected regional publication that analyzes business, economics and finance in Latin America, ranked Mexichem at the top of the “Multi-latinas” for 2015 and 2016.

Mexichem 2009 Legacy logo and webpage
Mexichem 2009 Legacy Corporate Logo and Sub-brands
Mexichem 2009 Legacy Brand Identity in a series of applications like Vertical banners, gas tank, and Corporate ID
The new brand identity and design system developed for Mexichem
The new brand identity and design system developed for Mexichem and its sub-brands
The new brand identity developed for Mexichem, the category brand, products brands and brand endorsement
Examples of how to apply the design system to the Category Product Branding
Three examples of the webpages developed for Mexichem

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