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Give Life

Setting New Standards in Reproductive Services


Nordic Cryobank (NCB) Group is one of the world’s leading sperm banks. The company has achieved impressive growth by ensuring access to the best quality sperm and by truly engaging with their customers.

Given the continual expansion of the reproductive industry, the company has turned to MBLM to refresh its brand and support its rapid transformation and global expansion while preserving its culture of passion and dedication.

After a diligent assessment of NCB Group’s situation, MBLM developed a new brand platform starting with its new brand promise: “We are thinking of the Future.” The promise captures the essence and purpose of NCB’s business, which goes beyond connecting givers (donors) and receivers (women) and recognizes its important role and responsibility in helping create families that otherwise would not have existed.

The promise is supported by the “Give Life” tagline, created to express the company’s purpose: to be a call to action for customers and donors simultaneously. A refreshed visual identity adds to communications a warm and welcoming—while still professional and modern—sensibility.

Integrated with the company’s symbol, the tagline also enables the company to link together its business and communicate a more powerful story by visually connecting its two commercial brands with the corporate entity, a structure created to enable NCB Group to more actively target its distinct audiences. NCB (targeted to donors), European Sperm Bank (targeted to women and clinics), and NCB Group (targeted to business stakeholders) all share the “Give Life” badge.

As part of the engagement, MBLM conducted a series of internal sessions dedicated to engaging owners, management, and employees in supporting the new brand. Through work sessions, employees participated in identifying short- and long-term opportunities for operationalizing the brand and devised ways to realize them in their day-to-day operations.


With the organization as a whole vested in the brand, the new identity was launched internally at the beginning of 2015. Employees have rallied around the brand, and the strengthened culture and service commitment is already affecting business results. Externally, the brand was first introduced at a major trade show, receiving accolades from consumers and the industry in general.

And the transformation reaches beyond the visible. The CEO and board believe the brand is now a key asset in helping operationalize company business strategy.

CEO Annemette Arndal-Lauritzen says, “It has been a great pleasure and very valuable to work with MBLM. As an entrepreneurial company, it is important to find a partner who goes the extra mile to feel and understand the culture in the company. MBLM understood the importance hereof and went the extra mile to understand not only our culture but also the environment that we work in and the value we bring as a company. Further, they gave us the implementation tools which enable us to roll out the new brand value both internally and externally with our customers and partners.”

It is a strength that they are represented both in Europe and in the United States. The company gains from the latest developments on both continents and understands how to use the time zones to enhance production time.

Brand refresh for give life.
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