DMC integrated portal for trade in Dubai.

Integrated Portal & Website

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Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is the largest Free Zone in the UAE and home to over 9,000 registered companies.

As DMCC neared the completion of its business process enhancements and its overall brand strategy, the corporate website and member portal were identified as the most important vehicle to evidence the organization’s evolved strategy. The importance of the digital properties was further magnified by DMCC’s migration from an Oracle-based system to a Salesforce platform.

MBLM collaborated with the client team and the Salesforce team to understand the system’s technical capabilities and the desired business processes. Using these inputs, we created an intuitive, customer-centric user experience that optimized the most commonly requested services and addressed the biggest customer frustrations. We then developed an elegant and smart user interface to govern all the interactions in the portal and provided copywriting to support the usability of the portal. The work culminated in the creation of digital templates and modules that were used by the Salesforce development team while MBLM provided quality assurance on the development as it progressed.


The new member portal provided DMCC with a streamlined digital business processes tool that enhanced its customer’s experience and overall capabilities. The new system enabled DMCC to handle more requests and eliminate many of the frustrations caused by the old system, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction rating.

DNC integrated portal design.
Website design with integrated portal.
Integrated website design.
Dwc mobile app - integrated portal.
A black and white design integrated onto a sheet of paper.
A woman is using a laptop computer to fill out a form on an integrated portal.
A blue integrated portal with blue text.

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