a group of people standing around a table and the logo of PubMatic at the left upper corner

Powering Advertising Automation

Evolving a digital media pioneer


PubMatic is a programmatic advertising company that provides publishers with automated advertising solutions to earn revenue and provides media buyers with the software to automatically buy digital ad space and collect data. After several years of dramatic growth for both the company and the industry, PubMatic had evolved and was ready to realign its brand to the company it had become. As a category pioneer, the company required a compelling brand strategy, core communication message, and revamped website to better represent who it had become in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Working with the PubMatic executive team, we focused first on the essence of the brand by developing a brand promise that leveraged the notion of partnership. Our intent was to assure audiences that the company is on their side and is dedicated to empowering them to succeed. Through this brand promise, we sought to build a stronger emotional connection between stakeholders and the brand by leveraging brand intimacy archetypes of enhancement (i.e., customers becoming better —smarter, more capable, and more connected—through use of the brand) and fulfillment (e.g., exceeding expectations and delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy). Looking to further mold PubMatic’s messaging into a bold statement, MBLM moved into the story phase, during which we worked collaboratively with our client to create a tagline, “Powering Advertising Automation,” which furthers the brand and helps drive engagement and relevance. During the fast-paced, twelve-week experience phase, we designed and built a new website. We presented all work in the form of online prototypes, enabling seamless integration of our design and development teams as well as client feedback and approvals. MBLM developed an architecture organized for easy navigation for multiple audiences with different objectives. We designed rich, detailed pages and wrote copy to better reflect the new strategy. We made clear calls to action to capture and nurture leads and created a robust thought leadership hub for reports, case studies, blog posts, and events. We selected all-new imagery, showcasing a more human and engaging face for the brand. PubMatic’s new, refined brand and website are fully content-managed in two languages, and highly responsive —which is critical, because 30 percent of their traffic comes from mobile devices. In addition, the systems now integrate Pardot as a marketing automation system. The site serves as a better representation of the company PubMatic has grown into and the company it aspires to be.


The site launched in January of 2017 and was met with high praise from the client and the marketplace.

The website developed for PUBMATIC is displayed in different languages on a desktop computer, tablet, and phone.
an Example of a web page displayed at full size and on a mobile phone
an example of a web page designed for PUBMATIC displayed on a laptop computer
a group of people standing around a table and the logo of PubMatic at the left upper corner
An example of a full length webpage developed for PUBMATIC
An example of a full length webpage developed for PUBMATIC

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