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Reaching New Heights of Consumer Influence

Rebranding an Industry Innovator


Wyng, formally Offerpop, was founded in 2009 as a marketing platform to build campaigns that increase consumer influence. Since its inception, Wyng has powered thousands of digital campaigns and collected over 45 million images and 3 million videos, while delivering over half a billion views. As a legacy brand, it was in need of a strategy and identity that better represented who it was in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Working closely with its executive team, MBLM created an ecosystem to match the brand’s evolving ethos. Utilizing its Brand Intimacy insights, MBLM leveraged the archetypes of identity (reflecting an aspirational image or admired values and beliefs that resonate deeply) and enhancement (becoming better through use of the brand—smarter, more capable, and more connected) to create a new brand experience that included conceiving and designing a new name, brand promise, identity, and website.

A brand positioning centered on the idea of tribes of influence was crafted to give a unique focus to the company. From this direction, a new name—Wyng—was chosen. Wyng represents the opportunity to elevate consumer influence and provided the brand flexibility to adapt as the market required. Along with a new name, a vibrant new identity was created to properly capture the brand essence and appear distinct in the category.

MBLM also redesigned Wyng’s website. With the idea of customization and simplicity in mind, our design team created a dynamic site, which featured the reoccurring theme of circles and connectivity. This DIY sensibility, coupled with bright and inviting colors, transformed Offerpop into Wyng—an evolved brand ready to assert its place as a legacy marketplace platform.

As a final step, a brand video was created for the new brand, and it was unveiled to Wyng’s employees on launch day.


The site launched in October of 2016 and was met with high praise from the client and the marketplace.

Two logos with the words offerpop and wyng.
A diagram showing the different types of gyw.
A set of colorful dots on a purple background.
A set of business cards with different colors and designs.
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A man and woman are looking at a tablet while listening to music.
The cover of a magazine with a picture of a man.
An office with a purple sign that says elect consumer in influence.
Wyng logo on a blue wall.
Wyng elevate consumer influence.
A man holding an ipad with the word gyw on it.

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