Traliant's logo with arrows pointing to a headline: New paths to amplify efficiency through training

Reimagining employee training to realize business potential

A compliance training brand that creates tangible impacts on productivity and culture

In a compliance training marketplace cluttered with brands selling nearly indistinguishable products and content offerings, Traliant knew that its best-in-class content production, paired with its extensive industry-specific course libraries, represented a clear and powerful differentiator. 

Traliant partnered with MBLM to reposition the brand within this competitive environment, defining a brand strategy and visual approach that stood out by focusing on unlocking business potential. While compliance training is often seen as a necessity and a chore, Traliant understood that engaging and effective content could truly affect employee behavior and, subsequently, have a real impact on productivity, culture, and business success.

Examples of the design system developed for Traliant: Traliant's logo and some lines with pointing arrows over a blue background
Color palette developed for Traliant
Examples of the design system developed for Traliant: A smiling young man with a tablet in his hands.
Example of the design system developed for Traliant: a photo of 2 woman in a business meeting with the headline: "Instill the behaviors that advance business."

The new brand promise MBLM created focused on this essence—how helping employees make the right decisions at the right moments could let customers realize the potential of their organizations. 

Example of the design system developed for Traliant: a photo of 2 woman in a business meeting with the headline: "Aligning cultural principles to create momentum"
Examples of the design system developed for Traliant with the phrases "Teamwork", "Tangible impact" and "Potential is everywhere"
A man with a tablet in his hands with the website designed and developed for Traliant
A person points to a screen displaying the presentation developed for Traliant

The new design system dramatically altered the look and feel of Traliant’s dated visual approach, imbuing it with momentum and directionality and becoming an exciting visual element in images of work environments. The secondary graphics take on arrow-like forms that direct the eye across compositions toward points of interest and create informational highlights and moments of delight across materials. The new color palette channels the creative and vibrant nature of the training content, adding liveliness to the ideas of productivity and growth and supplementing a new image library defined by a diversity of emotive faces.

A person holds a smartphone with the new Traliant website.
A tablet with a digital presentation developed for Traliant
The design system developed for Traliant is presented in a number of touch points, such as digital displays and brochures.

MBLM also designed and developed Traliant’s new website, bringing its new brand to life in its primary customer-facing touch point. Working with the marketing and product teams, we helped define a user flow that better catered to the various types of visitors and their different knowledge levels of the brand and its offerings. We created logical and simple ways to organize and promote Traliant’s extensive library of course-level offerings, segmenting them by audience, topic, and industry, with navigation-level divisions and extensive cross-linking between related courses. The site’s content builds on the inspiring tone of the brand strategy, capturing Traliant’s relentless optimism while also informing and engaging, bringing the brand’s content quality and measurable successes to the forefront while creating clear paths to prospect conversion.

An example of the design system shown on a tradeshow wall  
Example of marketing material: a white Tote Bag the Traliant logo in blue

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