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The Talent Revolution Meets Digital Reinvention

Branding the Future of AI-Driven Recruitment and Training

Talent Titan, an advanced AI-driven talent recruitment and training platform, punched above its weight with advanced features that no competitors could offer for the same value. To capitalize on these unique offerings and grow, Talent Titan needed to attract larger businesses and institutions and expand into other countries by leveraging its brand.

Examples of graphic designs developed for Talen Titan
Examples of graphic designs developed for Talen Titan

MBLM created a compelling brand essence that boldly elevated the platform’s advanced features, portraying it as the dawn of a new day in the talent management landscape. Talent Titan is the platform where digitally automated and augmented solutions created new possibilities for hiring and training teams and unprecedented opportunities for applicants.

Brochures layouts developed for Talen Titan

We captured the notion of advancement and the spirit of innovation and resourcefulness within the visual identity, where marked angles create visual pathways through the brand, leading the eye toward bold colors with momentum and confidence.

Examples of design system developed for Talen Titan
Examples of the branding developed for Talen Titan
A man wearing a T-shirt with a graphic design developed for Talent Titan.

We defined intuitive ways to organize the brand’s offerings on the new website, focusing on the need for customers to quickly achieve scale and precision in hiring evaluations and pairing that with the transformative and tailored process Talent Titan’s platform offered. A continuous reinforcement of the outcomes that Talent Titan enables and the breadth of top-tier customers that benefited from the platform helped drive home its advanced nature.

Examples of graphic designs developed for Talen Titan

MBLM worked closely with the client’s marketing and IT teams to define and develop an intuitive user flow and UI design that built upon the energy and excitement of the design system. With clear statistics, figures, and calls to action, MBLM designed the site to captivate, inform, and convert, helping fuel the brand’s 100% year-over-year growth.

A woman giving a presentation designed for Talent Titan on a large screen to a group of colleagues
Two tablets displaying the website developed for Talent Titan, each one for different audiences
A collage of the different web pages designed for Talent Titan

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