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Build breakthroughs with emotional bonds

Tech brands excel at new ideas, new breakthroughs, and new software.

Often times a brand lags behind, instead of helping you lead. In a fast-moving, quickly-copied commoditized landscape, your brand needs to stand for more than what you sell. We understand the complexity tech brands face with different audience expectations, complicated ecosystems, and multiple internal stakeholders (CIO, CMO, COO, CEO). Whatever you’re offering, you’ll need to build strong bonds with stakeholders and demonstrate reliability, scale, and an emotional connection.

As the Brand Intimacy Agency, our expertise centers on building brands that impact mindsets, drive decision-making, and bond with their stakeholders. We anchor your brand on a series of archetypes that matter most to the tech market and its constituents. We factor emotional drivers into content, design, and digital outputs so the result is not only distinct and compelling but also connected and engaging.

“You all are each experts in your craft, and we so appreciate the way you have approached this project – with great detail and consideration for every component.”

— Cassidy Smirnow, CEO, Apryse

Areas of Expertise

Software development

From establishing your brand as an expert in a particular software niche and demonstrating this to potential clients to differentiating your products in a crowded, fast-moving market, we can help you build, shape, and manage a software brand that expresses who you are and why it matters.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Brands in this space need to communicate the benefits of their solutions, such as improved efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. They may also need to address concerns about data privacy and security and build bonds with their stakeholders to establish strong relationships.

Virtual and augmented reality

Companies must demonstrate the benefits of their immersive experiences and differentiate themselves. Being responsible and proactive, these brands also need to address concerns about the potential for addiction or other negative effects and create bonds that drive decision and impact behavior.


Brands focused on e-commerce need to differentiate themselves and establish trust and credibility with customers. Brands must also address concerns about the security of customer data and the quality of products. A strong brand can help build trust and confidence.


In a commodity market, telecom brands must showcase the benefits of their services (fast and reliable connectivity) to businesses and individuals, address concerns about the cost and accessibility of services, and create positive emotional connections that result in lasting bonds.

Case Studies


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Media Mentions

Technology & Brand Intimacy

Our annual study, the world’s largest of brands based on emotion, has shown that since COVID, consumers have increased the number of brands they forms attachments by almost 10% to and that brand performance has increased nearly 20% since before the pandemic.

Industry Performance

Technology & telecommunications has an average Brand Intimacy Quotient of 49.2, well above the cross-industry average of 36.8. The category has improved since our last study, where it ranked in fourth place, and improved its Quotient score performance by 8 percent.

Archetypes & Stages

Enhancement remains the dominant archetype this year. The industry ranks first for fulfillment, the archetype centered on quality, and also ranks number one for fusing, the highest stage of Brand Intimacy, which increased by 22 percent since last year.

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