Ensure your website is accessible to people with disabilities

Web accessibility and ADA compliance is crucial today to ensure that all users, regardless of their abilities, can access and interact with a business online. This can be done with a thorough understanding of inclusive web design and web accessibility standards such as WCAG.

Reduce legal risks and increase opportunity

The cost of doing business online increasingly includes ensuring your web content is accessible for audiences with disabilities who rely on assitive technology for web navigation. Conformity with accessibility standards mitigates legal risk while enhancing your brand, fostering trust, and contributing to a more inclusive digital world.

Accessibility is part of our proven proces

In our commitment to digital inclusivity, web accessibility is a fundamental aspect of our design, content, and development philosophy. We understand conforming to standards such as Section 508, applicable to businesses servicing the federal government and WCAG guidelines, which serve as a reference for compliance with the ADA, can be daunting. Our team has undergone extensive training and follow core principles such as that websites are perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. This thinking is integrated into design and code right at the start of our process.

Expertise in accessibility and great design

Legal compliance and risk mitigation

We seek to embed accessibility into every project, thereby reducing the need for future costly website overhauls and minimizing litigation risks associated with nonconformity. We use a variety of software tools to enable testing and validation during the design and development process. This lets us ensure color and contrast requirements as well as proper code structure that enables screen readers and assistive technology, are met during design.

Maintain quality while being compliant

Balancing ADA compliance with a user-centric experience, we strive to deliver universally accessible websites that excel in usability across various platforms and devices. MBLM is able to artfully balance showcasing a differentiated brand experience along with intepreting guidelines that influence contrast ratio, use of color, and visual design.

The right thing to do

Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility reflects positively on a company’s brand reputation and corporate social responsibility. Give all visitors equal opportunities.

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