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Invest in your greatest asset

Although financial services brands understand results and advantage, they limit their own by underleveraging the asset of their brand.

Generic, uninspiring, and often complex, financial services brands, from fintech disruptors and investment banks to retail banks and credit cards, need to inspire confidence and stand out and stand above their growing and evolving competitors. Highlighting expertise, process, and relationships is not enough.

As the Brand Intimacy Agency, our expertise centers on building brands that impact mindsets, drive decision-making, and bond with their stakeholders. We anchor your brand on a series of archetypes that matter most to the financial services market and its constituents. We factor emotional drivers into content, design, and digital outputs so the result is not only distinct and compelling but also connected and engaging.

“We are in love with the new site and simply could not have done it without MBLM.”

Paul Zettl, EVP, Head of Global Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Cohen & Steers

Areas of Expertise

Investment Banking

A strong brand is essential for investment banks, helping build client trust, attract top talent, and increasing relevancy in a high competitive market. In periods of volatility, a brand that customers are connected and attached to can also help mitigate risk and increase loyalty. 

Asset Management

Understanding the growing competitive landscape, complex regulatory environment, and evolving customer base, you can find your unique points of difference, strengths across divisions, and new ways to describe the advantages you offer by leveraging emotion to build strong stakeholder bonds.

Retail Banking

With frustration around nickel-and-diming and bureaucracy, banks face growing pressures to improve customer engagement. From cross-selling to new customers, we can help you convey connection and emphasize tools that keep consumers in the driver’s seat.

Credit Cards

We’ve positioned, named, and designed credit cards that deliver results and promoted them creatively via direct mail, digital advertising, and promotions, so you can be confident that you’re the first card out of the wallet.


New offerings, new models, and constant disruptions require a flexible brand that can deliver your vision and demonstrate your expertise and reliability. We work with fintech brands of all sizes to create best-in-class brands, products, events, and materials.

Case Studies


First Data
AB (AllianceBernstein)
Bank of America
RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)
Cohen & Steers
Mercantil Bank


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Financial Services & Brand Intimacy

Our annual study, the world’s largest of brands based on emotion, has shown that since COVID, consumers have increased the number of brands they forms attachments by almost 10% to and that brand performance has increased nearly 20% since before the pandemic.

Industry Performance

Financial services has an average Brand Intimacy Quotient score of 32.1, which is below the cross-industry average of 36.8. However, the industry did improve its Quotient score performance by 15 percent since our 2021 study.

Archetypes & Stages

Enhancement remains the dominant industry archetype, and financial services ranks sixth overall for enhancement. PayPal is the highest ranked brand for this archetype. The category improved is fusing score, by an impressive 30 percent since 2021.

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