One benefit of conducting the largest annual review of brands based on emotion is that we’ve enjoyed front-row seats for the performance of top brands across industries during the pandemic. We released two COVID-19 studies and are on the eve of launching this year’s 2022 study shortly.

While there have been clear winners and losers, overall, people became more intimate with brands during the pandemic. This means that if your brand hasn’t benefited from a COVID-19 bump, the gap between your brand and your customers has likely widened.

We are helping investors and brand owners quickly elevate their brands to the next level. The operative word here is “quickly” We can help capture a market opportunity or enhance the brand toward a strategic growth goal. Our programs are engineered to align fractured or siloed teams and deliver a significant market impact without delays or organizational paralysis.

Our brand-building framework is defined by Essence, Story, and Experience. A brand’s Essence creates an essential blueprint and ensures emotion is at its heart. The story of the brand invites dialogue engagement and builds bonds. The Experience of the brand engages and delights in the channels that matter. Experience centers on delivering more personalized, memorable, and crafted moments in more places and across more devices.

Within this framework, we tailor our services to match each company’s needs, timing, and budgets. Here are five of the most common ways we help mature start-ups or young brands looking for their next stage of growth:

1. Articulate the brand proposition/promise

An ipad with a brochure on it.

Case study: Emids

Fast-growing and siloed teams, displaced by the pandemic, may struggle to unite around a company’s common values and ambition. Our brand-building starts by gaining consensus with leadership around insights and opportunities. We work with you to create a differentiating and concise brand promise and strategy. Next, we drive understanding and appreciation for the brand across the enterprise.

2. Naming and/or designing a compelling brand identity

Amsive logo with a purple background and a woman in a purple shirt.

Case study: Amsive

Core to the brand is the name and logo. Whether we are inventing, revising, or merely updating, we are experts at matching your needs with an appropriate level of design evolution. We explore numerous iterations and options until we reach a holistic design solution that connects and excites. Our brands are built to perform: they excel in their dominant channels with target audiences.

3. Shape a strong narrative

A woman is standing in front of a banner in a building.

Case study: Emcara Health

Leveraging the brand strategy, we build a messaging matrix to help you nuance and dimension how the brand communicates with different stakeholders.

4. Create an engaging next-gen website

An image of a laptop screen showing a living room.

Case study: Forbes Global Properties

From digital strategy information architecture through to CMS, SEO, and CRM, we help you parse all the acronyms and technologies that will help you achieve your business goals and create marketplace impact.

5. Activate the brand to drive performance

A large billboard with a woman holding a tablet.

Case study: Symplr

We can help you amplify your brand toward your target stakeholders with beautiful, integrated campaigns. From traditions to events, digital, OOH, or social, we can help you enhance your business impact and deliver true marketing ROI.

How brands have pivoted and remained nimble, the importance of digital and seamless experiences has become integral to brands since COVID-19. Whether through a tune-up or an overhaul, is your brand ready for the next generation of growth and success? Supercharge your marketing with a focused, compelling design and with best-in-class digital marketing tools.

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How MBLM Can Help

We offer comprehensive services to create brand intimacy from strategy and identity to content, campaigns and digital experiences.

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